The other side of town

I had to go out to do a site visit and coming back I realised how bad the traffic was on the otherside of town. I'm glad I don't have to commute there often. After passing lots of cars I came to red light and stopped in the ASL. Behind me on my right a council truck, immediately behind me a sports car and on my left a row of parked cars. When the lights went green being sensible as there was a queue of traffic in front of him blocking the junction and me there too, the driver of the council truck decided to roll forward but not overtake. Queue much beeping from the sports car, I gave him a friendly wave just to confuse him. When the car finally managed to overtake there was more beeping and more friendly waves by me. After another round he actually waved back before he jumps the lights. Guess what two minutes later after the lights went to green again for me I caught him again, passed him and left him sitting in a very long queue. :biggrin:
I hope you gave him another friendly way as you disappeared off into the sunset..... (OK into the gray cloud filled sky! :biggrin:)


I saw a Bianchi up close at the lights in Kilburn of all places and it looked bloody gorgeous
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