The power of invisibility


Do you ever feel you have that super-power??
I find it usually comes over me at junctions and roundabouts, but today I was clearly not only invisible but inaudible too. At least to the three separate clumps of dog walkers who ignored my excuse me's, and then on turning and looking straight at me still couldn't muster the sense to get themselves and their mutts out of the way.
One did apologise profusely for blocking the path, but still continued blocking the path.:cursing:
Then there was the cyclist who almost got a smack in the head as I went to signal just as he decided to overtake without so much as a "coming by". Was I invisible or was he mute? Or perhaps he felt he owned the road because he was going 3 mph faster?? I almost wish I had slapped him, would've made for an interesting smidsy.


The best piece of advice I ever received about riding a motorbike was 'Ride like you're invisible'.

Apply the same advice to cycling and if anyone does see you think of it as a bonus:smile:

Mad Doug Biker

Bikeoholics Anonymous
Craggy Island
I am often unseen, but never when it actually matters and I want to slink into the background. :rolleyes:

THAT SAID, I did go round a certain railway depot in Italy to get some pictures without being seen, despite there being people about (who I heard anyway). :laugh:
I just assume all other road users are idiots on their way to their next foul-up.​
Mister cellophane
Should have been my name !!!!
Mister cellophane
'cause you can look right through me
Walk right by me
And never know I'm there!"
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