The Price Of Slick Bike Tyres


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How much would i expect to pay for a pair of slick tyres with puncture protection for my mountain bike ?


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Anywhere from 15 to 50 quid. Just like most of this cycling lark, you can spend what you want.


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Like everything their are a lot of choices for price and protection , it all depends on what you prioritse and how much you want to pay.
Cheap, good rollers and reasonalbe protection can be had ...
Ultimate protection, a bit slower roller

I used the city jets and they are a good tyre , i have changed now to another tyre for my winter hack as i only use it when the roads are dodgy...
On the road bike i use conti gtor skins , you can get MTB version but i can only find a 26x 1.2 version so you would have to check if your rims could take that width of tyre.

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So a set of "slicks" is a great option for hybrids (on the road) in any weather ?????


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I've just put a set of Conti GatorHardShell's on my road bike as my Schwalbe Ultremo ZX's were cutting up badly.

Only done 40 miles on them, 25 yesterday in dry conditions and they seemed fine, and 15 miles today in the rain and traction was good.


I run Marathon plus slicks on a Hybrid and have run the 26" on my old mountain bike in the past with no punctures and once inflated to the correct pressure they are far better than knobbly tyres on any bike being used on the roads/tracks or paths. Use minimum pressure or close to it on looser or rougher terrain and higher or maximum on flat tarmac. Makes a massive difference to traction and therefore speed and enjoyment of ride.
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