The rare occasion where a GPS system is cheaper than a map..


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You don't need a map for a canal anyway... just ride along the path that runs alongside the water :okay:

twentysix by twentyfive

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Over the Hill
Then there's the matter of finding the other end of the tunnel.....
With @User14044's butler doing Cooo - eeeeeee at that end Rocky's highly tuned hearing aid plugged in Rocky would track the other end down in no time.
I love comparing historical and present

My first resort when planning details of a tour is my 1926 set of Muirhead's blue guides, and then seeing what is still there, destroyed or changed. You can get more up to date versions, but this set suits me.

Even more poignant is that one copy (Scotland) was "bookmarked" with bus tickets all the way through. It was obvious that the previous owner had used the book in the 1920s and 1930s by bus and then used the tickets to mark the pages

I have left them there
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