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have you got knobbly tyres?


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User1314 said:
I have a three year old sirrus specialized with decent tyres. (Bought 2nd hand fabout two years ago for £250). It's a bit big for me. Now I am a bit more cycle savvy I'm aiming to buy a 2nd bike, something a bit more "racey" through the Cycle to Work Scheme.

It's just a fitness thing. When I first started cycling into London some old bloke with a massive green vegetable in his front basket overtook me on the Thames Embankment, just before the Albert Bridge.

I've learnt that the faster you can cycle the safer you can be.

Its not necesarily a fitness thing, I went from a 700c wheeled hybrid to a good road bike and overnight went from having to pedal like mad to try to keep up with some of the more sporty cyclists to blatting past them all with ease. Good for the ego :biggrin:. my hybrid was on 700x35 tyres though not sure what your bike is on.


excellent, good man, this really made me smile

I hate that when you see someone female and old on an old bike going quick

money is here for my new Spec Tricross, off to Cycle Surgery Hampstead o the way home tomorrow to sit on a 58cm for size

very excited, the old junker is on it last legs but it sure is going out in glory, caught all the greens from the top of the hill on Camden Road right through to Manor House last night at about 7.45, following wind and caution thrown to it, went like a cannon ball, moving quicker than the traffic in most places

can't wait for a good bike with everything working on it ...


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There's a long uphill drag on Ruckholt Road.
I like to stretch my legs on it- going slightly uphill really helps my cadence- gives me something to bite against, you know?

Anyway, a gentleman on a racer passed me on my Trek, so I thought "Game on".

I swear this old duffer was 60 years old plus, lycra'ed up, sinewy legs, physique of a greyhound.

He wiped the floor with me.

I did the old trick of looking ahead and trying not to allow my breathing to become audible and he just pissed all over me, did 5mph+ my speed with hardly any effort.

A blow to the ego, chapeau to the soppy old duffer, great respect sir.


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Bromley, Kent
She could of been giving it her all and every time you looked round just tried to act cool, haha.

Also she was in your slipstream all the way which would make it easier for her to keep up
Tynan said:
very good, both you two last

those thin old blokes are deadly

BentMikey ain't that bad.;)
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