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    Happy New Year to you all. Not a lot to report at Byegad Towers. Yule passed in the traditional way, those cottages reserved for the yule fire debugging and improvement treatment are nearly rebuilt and the peasantry are back to tugging their forelocks as we pass by.

    Little has been heard from the SBGG, and long may that continue.
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    Yule Tide was very quiet at Speicher Towers. This is usual insofaras it is situated so far in the quiet west in the west of Wusstershire.

    A new feline resident chose to live here, after the sad demise of an elderly puddytat. Training of her Staff member is progressing well, and Kizzy is pleased with her choice of location of her new home, and her new servant.

    New televisual equipment has been installed. The previous appliance has a provenance from the very beginning of this century. It was won in a raffle and was therefore presumed to be not of the highest order of its day. Only one raffle ticket was purchased, at the princely sum of ten shillings. The funds were being raised for the local cottage Hospital.

    It is to be noted that this far west the daylight hours are getting noticeably longerer. This means that Gardening Has Resumed.
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