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Setting the controls for the heart of the sun.
There is a chap in the Nantwich area who apparently regularly rides ones. I saw him the other week riding through Church Minshull, as I was driving to Nantwich to pick up child 2. But when I mentioned it to child 2 who is at college in the area, it was a case of "Yeh Dad I know. I've seen him quite a few times".


Europe Endless
On a penny, the dismount involves sliding your foot down the frame for a peg you know is there but you can't see!
I got people to ride up to me, whereupon I would hold the bars with both hands and clamp the front wheel between my knees. That holds the bike steady so you can then get off, rather than fall off. 36" wheel IIRC, so not as big as all that. I was doing some work for the late lamented Cyclemagic, ran by Hilldodger, formerly of this parish,.


Started young, and still going.
I've never seen the show either. Amazing how he made all the spokes and the saddle springs.
Obviously a clever and skilled man. Just a shame that the program was short on detail as to how he made the spokes and the holders.
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