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I'm after some advice.

I ride roads to the Thames at Kingston and then along the side of it to Hampton Court. The worst is gravel 'ish. No grass.

My journey is about 8 miles each way.

I am 5'11" and have two bikes. I used to do the ride on a Specialized Sirrus comp (size L) but wanted something softer with front forks for the side of the Thames so bought a Specialized Crosstrail (size XL).

Specialized tell me the sizes are right for my height due to the differences in frame design. I find the Sirrus a little cramped (top tube length) but OK whereas the Crosstrail being larger generally stretches me right out .... but I feel it's too big and bulky.

I am considering buying a bike to replace the Crosstrail (brother in law wants it). I was looking to try a large size of the same bike (which before felt perhaps a bit too short - thus going for the XL) or trying a Scott Sportster P2.

The Sportster P2 seems lighter and more manageable than the Crosstrial but I worry it is too near to the Sirrus and won't manage dirt tracks, etc. It seemed quite a stretch to the bars on a large sized one with narrow bars but the bike felt much lighter than the Crosstrail

Has anyone had both or can anyone offer comment on the Scott P2. I tried one and it seemed a good compromise between my two existing bikes ?? .... or should I revisit the Crosstrail but as a 'large' ?

Any advice welcome.


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I can only comment on the Crosstrail, and I'm surprised you're thinking of ditching it - I think it's the canine's cojones.
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