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North Shields
Have you tried them down Mont Ventoux?
Loch side.
I really like the asymmetric patch positioning (APP) feature. Also the Pad Gravity Eject (PGE) must make quick work of the laborious task of removing the pads when no longer required. To do so, you simply stand up. And, the pair of shorts you created (not shown) will be handy in summer. Would you like a job in he Yellow Saddle R&D department?


Fast and careful!
Not signing up for the sewing bee next year then?
Loch side.
[QUOTE 3532122, member: 9609"]the first one was a little too low, in fact the other is a little too low as well, I now have the exact height for the next pair though.
Notice the white velcro at the botttom, this keeps the insert securely in place (clever stuff). There is a reason for the opening at the bottom, if it was at the top they would tend to fill up with chaff, sand, grain, feed etc. be a nuisance having to keep standing on head to empty them out.[/QUOTE]

I like your thinking. Hidden features - Gravity Aided Chaff Shedding (GACS).

[QUOTE 3532122, member: 9609"]

I wouldn't really class it as unclean or unhygienic - it's just a bit discolouring from oil and stuff.


Don't let the obsessive compulsive cleaners get on your nerves. They probably wash their jeans every single summer. What a waste.
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