The wider a tyre, the more difficult it is to obtain.

Last winter I got three Armadillo all condition tyres 700x25 perfect. It seems you can by most makes of tyre at size 25 and probably narrower.

I have been trying to source the same Armadillo but with a 35 width.

Specialised now do quite a few variations of their Armadillo range.....

They have The All condition but not in a 35. The elite up to 32 and that is a folding tyre (unsure if it is the same spec regards puncture protection).

There is also the Nibus that is apparently available in a 35, but unsure how this differs in spec for puncture protection.

You have to take a couple of paracetamol before wading through all the details. :laugh:


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I’m pretty sure the All condition Armadillo is only available at a max of 32mm.
The Nimbus Armadillo is available in 35mm and has the same Armadillo puncture protection strip within the tyre.
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