The Wiggle, San Francisco.


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This is interesting: I was actually looking for Wiggle but spotted this:

It's an informal cyclists' route through San Francisco that takes the line of least resistance up a hill by following the line of a covered river. I wonder if anybody has a route like this? What would happen if you followed the route of the Fleet river from Blackfriars Bridge right up to Hampstead Heath, or the river Westbourne? (You'd have trouble at Sloane Square Underground where the Westbourne crosses the Circle line in a big pipe). Since cities grew up around the topography of their rivers, the course of the river should be indelibly present in the contours of the city, you would think.

I like the idea that humans and animals have used these lines of least resistance for centuries but as the cities have expanded the routes have become absorbed in the maze of streets and lost to all but those who appreciate their qualities - the cyclists.
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