The wrong socks!


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My feet were getting cold on this morning's ride (it was around 3c). Odd, I thought, as I've got my tried and trusted woolie-boolies on.... or so I thought. I get home and see that I've put the woolie-e-ators on! They're the same colour and have the same 'de feet' logo on them so my confusion was understandable... but they are not a winter sock! :biggrin:

So, my cycling chums, may I yet again recommend woolie-boolies for winter riding. You'll certainly notice it if you're not wearing them!!
T'other day I got to work and unpacked my socks to find on the lst sock - a Dalek, scourge of the Universe and perpertrator of genocide on a galactic scale.

On my right sock - the other scourge of the Universe - Tigger!

I have now explained the difference to my wife!


I've only got a single pair of MTB socks, posh ones though and my feet are fine so far, got some new overshoes still in the wrapping for later on


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No idea but I own quite a few pairs of Sock Guy socks and none of them are white, don't possess a single pair of white socks they are so eighties.
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