theft proof bike

I am showing my age here.......

Single tube framed cycles are not new - the Airnimal is an example, aand Klein had a great success with their Mantra Cycles:

There was also a design very similar to this one called the Slingshot that again raced fairly successfully since the early 1980s:

The claimed advantages are discussed at the Company website - Slingshot Bicycles

Now just to really throw Bonj!

There was also a carbon fibre folding recumbent called the MAKO which used this technology to aid the fold and damp the rear suspension.

and folded:

and a faired recumbent trike:

Unfortunately the price in the late 1980s and early 1990s for carbon fibre made these bikes prohibitively expensive!
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My first thought was that some vindictive little sh*t would probably just cut the cable to screw your bike up!
My mate (lives in Dublin) always buys expensive locks, he told me a while back that some fecker tried to steal his bike but couldn't, so cut up his seatstays instead. I was over last week and he showed me the mess they made ;).


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I saw on fbook the other day someone I know had lost the key to their lock whilst the bike was locked to public bike rack and was able to borrow a hacksaw to cut through it.... it took him 45 minutes on oxford street yet no one asked him what he was doing! a good way to stop bikes being nicked would be for the public to generally take more notice of things!


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Ignoring piranhas stripping the bike of the rest of the bits, your average scrote isn't going to realise what it is anyway, will nick it and ride off without the down tube. They'll either get lucky (I doubt it would snap straight away) or you'll come back to a broken bike dumped by the side of the road,


It's not theft proof as many of you have pointed out. Stealing it just means you have to replace the cable - but even if you don't do that it's still 'worth' stealing to someone because it has saleable parts on it.

If you left a fiver in the street, someone would take it. The wheels on a bike can be sold on gumtree for £30 or so - so if you leave them somewhere where they can be taken for long enough,you can be sure someone will take them, and the whole bike if they can so they can sell the other parts.

The 'my bike is rubbish' approach seems to work pretty well though, so maybe that will help?


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Why spend loads of money on a nice bike, no doubt one you like the look of, then ruin it with paint and chocolate powder etc just so you can leave it somewhere? Cleverly done but seems a bit pointless to me. I never leave my good bikes anywhere, I have an old hack to use if I need to leave one locked up.
This is an interesting one from the US

Strange how the attitudes change with the different thieves

Here is a longer exploration of the attitudes toward the blonde:

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