Theo De Rooij

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Anyone know WHY he quit? Very sad if you ask me and not a good sign at all.

It could mean one of a few things -

1. He's scunnered with the extent of cheating and is not getting the backing of his coffers
2. He's made a big mistake recently - what could that be?!!

Any more? Either way I see it as undermining Rabo's tour. In the first, maybe the team was cheating throughout. In the second, maybe Rasmussen should have worn yellow in Paris.

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
It's hard to say Tete, he could be just fed up with the whole race thing especially as he was/is the man that has guided Rabobank for all these years. He could be annoyed that a sponsor could dictate to the team as to what action they should take in disciplining a rider. He could also feel responsible that a rider under his care could do something like that without him knowing. Whatever it was I bet he thought long and hard before quitting his position!!!
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