There I was minding my own business when....

A T.V Producer walked in to the motor factor I manage and said he had seen me in the paper regarding my Ebook and cycling and wanted to interview me as he felt I had an important story to tell.....

Okay it was a local internet based T.V station but I was still gobsmacked..... he left me a card and said he would be in touch with timings when he's got a film crew available

If it happens and I'll post a link to the site


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Great news!

(What is a motor factor, anyway?)
Ooh, can you get trade discount on parts?
If you live near Swadlincote I can sort a bit of discount ..... but can't courier anything out I'm afraid

Edit: just seen you live in Hampshire so not much help to you I'm afraid...
How much has he offered you for your story.... I'd go for at least 25% of the rights! ... you never know it might go viral on You Tube.
Naively..... I hadnt thought of payment.... I reckon I'll just setle for the extra money it would bring from increased book sales.... At the moment its making enough for a reasonable bottle of wine a month.... This is the sort of success Mrs V can understand liquid royalties.....
Not too late to bring it up, you haven't signed anything ...yet?
I'll pass him over to you to negotiate terms for me then:thumbsup: (far a 10 percent fee to you of course)

Seriously though its not his actual job its a community based TV channel... hes a freelance outside broadcaster for several sports channels (lower league and cup games etc) so I think the channel is a not for profit affair. If I ever end up on mainstream TV news (or ITV4' cycling show) talking about it then I would expect a fee and expenses... I might tout the links to the TV/Newspaper and Ebook round a few radio and TV channels (Delusions of Grandeur slipping in.... 'DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM' type of thing) doing this for nowt might pay in the long run....


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Ah, but you need some sort of simple written agreement in place at the outset regardless- it makes sense. If he thinks nothing will come of it then he won't mind. If he objects then you'd be sensible to be very suspicious of what his motives and aspirations are.
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