There is no telling people sometimes


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Encountered a near carbon copy replay of BentMikeys Vauxhall Arches/truck incident this morning. Heading towards Deptford roundabout there where 3 Tip-up trucks in front. 2 of them managed to clear the roundabout, the third had to stop to give way. Myself and 3 other cyclists stopped behind the truck. Or so I thought. One of them decided to go up the left hand side of the truck just as it started to move off. I shouted "Don't go up there!", but he carried on. The truck moved to the left to clear the roundabout with the result that the cyclist had to do an emergency stop and near jump of his bike. I heard a "shoot" from one of the others behind me. As the truck cleared I said to the cyclist "That's how cyclists are killed". We got to the next set of the traffic lights and one of the other cyclists said to me he though the chap was a goner. The cyclist who was nearly crushed then came between us, shouted at me "Thanks for your concern..but...*something I couldn't hear*" then proceeded to RLJ and turn left.


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That one sounds like a right berk, and deserves what he gets - alas, in the process he'll muck up someone else life too.

I was on holiday last week, and one morning as we left our B and B, we got stuck in a traffic jam, caused by two large lorries trying to get down the same narrow French street in opposite directions. We just sat, as you do in a recumbent trike, and waited. But one of the party, a mature chap, someone whose opinions and actions I'd trust completely, said that he reckoned we could just nip through and get on and that that was what he'd normally do, esp on an upright, because everything was moving slowly.

I was quite taken aback. I said that I never messed with lorries trying to manoeuvre in tight spaces because a) you're in all sorts of blind spots and :biggrin: when you're trying to drive a big vehicle slowly, and you have inches to spare, the last thing you need is something unexpected appearing in a mirror making you jam the brakes on. It's hard enough with the obstacles that don't move, without adding in some that do.

He said that he'd never thought of the latter point - I think he felt that he could look after himself, but it hadn't occured to him that he could be stressing the driver - I guess having driven some big stuff, I have a different perspective. I think he took it on board too, which I'm pleased about.


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Another statstic in preperation? harsh but true.

Warn them as much as you can but they won't stop untill they get some sense knocked into them.
Lot of inexperience is out there...which is fine...we were all newbies once.

Nobody told me about lorries...I got the drift eventually.I think by the age of 14.


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This morning I was coming up to a roundabout, two HGVs in the right hand land, indicating right. Me, wanting to go up the left hand land, to go straight across.
Felt weird going along the left-ish side of the lane next to them, was wondering if I should just wait until they had completely cleared the roundabout.

Mind you I think it is just ingrained. I worry about HGVs in the right hand lane when I'm in the left hand lane in my car now!


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This was no newbie Hackers. Older fella, well used hiv viz jacket, panniers.

hackbike 666 said:
Lot of inexperience is out there...which is fine...we were all newbies once.

Nobody told me about lorries...I got the drift eventually.I think by the age of 14.


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it's really odd isn't it? I do wonder why people are in such a rush- those few seconds saved could cost the guy his life- that would be a horrible way to learn a lesson.
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