They are screwed


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i have these brakes:

Avid SD 3

Basically they are currently not working and i am suffering these symptoms.

Rear brake: no tension when squeezed, even when i clamp all the way to the handlebar i am still not getting friction with the rims... they dont stop me at all, and barely slow me down even during a mild roll.

Front break: Squeaks like mad upon use.....

Now i could just nip into a bike shop, however i am all for learning as it will be much more beneficial in the long run... any advice?
Rear brake; check pads aren't completely worn out, replace if they are, if life left in them adjust cable tension and check alignment, make sure spacers are on the inside of the brake arm.

Front (and rear when aligning); Toe in front of block by 2 -3mm

Both; clean braking surface on wheels

Lots of info. at


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Front break: Squeaks like mad upon use.....

Not to sure about the rear brake but the front one is easy to fix. Toe in the brake pads.

To do this loosen off the brake pad just enough so it can move, I then use something that is about 1mm thick that does not compress and wedge this between the rim and the rear of the font brake pad (The edge pointing towards the front forks) then tighten the brake pad up again. The squeaking is basically the pad vibrating on the rim, if you toe in the pads it stops it. You need to do both side.

Basically you should be left with the front of the pads (Facing fowards) will contact the whell rim slightly before the read of the same pads. This will stop the squeaking.

Hope this helps.

Park site is great as mentioned.

Look at the section Pad Toeing

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