they haven't got a clue! (update)

gary r

In my first "they haven't got a clue " Post,i described my friend who filled his gas bar b que with regular charcoal,well on Sunday he invited us over for a bar b que,just as we were walking out the door the phone rang
"Gary,Its Charlie,do you have a fire extinguisher ive ignited the gas bottle on the bar b que"
"turn the gas of if you can reach it & call the fire brigade"

we get a call 30min later,"its OK now the fire brigade have put out the fire" when dopey charlie had put regular charcoal in his bar b que it burnt at such a high temperature it melted the rubber hoses connected to the gas bottle and the plastic handle on the lid !! so when he went to light the bar b que this time the bottle went up in flames!
Still come round he said,ive discarded the gas bottle & filled it up with charcoal again............:biggrin: i spent all after noon calling him Red Adair!!!:biggrin:


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"Gary,Its Charlie,do you have a fire extinguisher" - excellent!


Will someone explain why, when the mercury goes through the top, everyone thinks that cooking round an open fire is a good idea?


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Vernon - have some time has passed since you regaled us with your exploits with fire ... surely you must have a new tale by now?
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