Thiefing gits !!


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4 bikes stolen from the works bike shed in the last 3 days, you can tell cycle to work is out again :smile:

Luckily mine has been left untouched as i park right at the far end under the cameras ,with a good lock etc.
Even so i will be on the old bike for a while at least if that gets stolen i will not be so gutted.


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A colleague who'd just started cycling to work - by just, I mean once :biggrin: - has just had his bike stolen from a locked bike shed at his flats :smile: Apparently, they also got a couple of Specialized [spelling?] bikes too :biggrin:


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One of the only good things about where I work is that we can store our bikes inside the factory in relative safety.
Were the ones stolen locked with cheap cable locks or were the thieves well equipped?


As long as I breathe, I attack.
I think they were equipped even rode in on a BSO to exchange for the 1 unlocked one.

1 bike was worth £2000 so i would think it was well locked up.

I leave a thick chain ,near enough motorcycle chain lock type at work,under the CCTV camera at the far end of the bike shed (room for a good 20+ bikes + same motor bikes ) .So their aare a lot of nicer/cheaper and more nickable objects to pick .
I know that's not nice but the thieves will have more choice than a heavily locked under the camera bike


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A cyclist at our office had his bike nicked from the car park which is watched over by a security guard!!

Apparently the thief arrived on a duff bike, put it next to the good bike, went round the front of the building to sign in, came back and took the good bike. Needless to say we were all less than impressed with security!! :smile:


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Happens.... lots of new bikes at work with the scheme - far too many badly locked up though.........despite the signs -don't use a cable lock...... etc..... bike parks are semi secure......or should be secure but folk can leave doors open / let folk in.... etc...
One benefit of being the only cyclist - the bike is locked to a broken industrial strapping machine just inside the goods out door which is constantly observed by about 20 people


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We had one guy who broke the Ride2Work record last year: 22 hours from picking up bike to having it stolen. We sent an advisory email to the company's cyclists telling them the benefits of good locks and insurance. We also demanded insurance-standard bike racks at work.

I fell in the shower last year and really hurt my knee (I know, what a dope), security were awesome and offered to keep my bike in the building overnight if I'd wanted.


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The owners of the bikes in the shed here leave their lamps and computers on the bike. :biggrin:

I always take my lamps and Garmin off when I leave any of my bikes in there.


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I cant understand it, thousands of bikes get nicked but the average scrote doesnt ride, where do they all go, do they keep them in a scrote trophy room with Car Stereos mounted on the wall, ok I can understand MTB's going as they love them but road bikes never seem to have baseball hatted, puffa jacket wearing riders, are there lots of cyclists willing to ride a stolen bike ?


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It's a site with a 4 letter name, beginning with E...

Sounds nasty having to leave bikes in places like that. I'm lucky enough not to have to even lock it most of the time. To get to my bike they'd have to get past a razor wire fence, armed police and police dogs.
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