Thieving little scrotes in Reading

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Yseterday some people kindly did something my wife has been asking me to do for years. They cleared out the shed.

Just on the off chance, can you keep an eye out for my bikes? They took a black/white Dolan winter bike built up with 105. Had a lovely set of Lumicycle lights on it. Also a rather gorgeous purple Orange Evo2 with Pace forks, Race face chainset and Hope disc brakes.

If anybody sees these bikes could they please shoot the little scrotes riding them and let me know.:smile:

I hate taking the train to work. The worst bit is knowing they're going to try and £50 for the bikes.
Sorry to hear that bobbyp - basta*ds :smile:


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South Beds.
Sorry to hera that chap. Keep your eye on ebay for them too. Do they have data coding at all? I take it you have informed the Police?

Scum bags.....deserve a good kickin'
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