Things to do in London on Bank Holiday Monday...

With two (possibly fully laden) Bromptons?

If it's nice out we'll probably do the tour of the parks and just laze about generally, but if it's not nice any ideas? (open to other suggestions though!)

Might well have effectively 6 items (2 bikes, 2 bags each bike) so left luggage at the 'usual suspects' like the train station isn't an option (£8 per item!)...

Thanks :smile:


Purveyor of fine nonsense
What about a day spent in the park flashing at passers by? That's what I do on bank holidays.
Kirstie said:
Can't you ride a bike down the thames path or is that illegal?

most of the Thames path is rideable... the bit from Putney to kingston is nice.

you could always pop into the London Wetlands Centre at Barnes (ask nicely and they'll let you leave the Bromptons in the entrance building).
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