things you did with your kids


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The big stuffs nice...but I told my kids as they've grown up so they do the same with their kids....the most important thing you can give your children is simple...your time and your love.

I'm now proud to see my youngest son who's had some very mixed up times and never wanted children because he didnt think he could be a good father...he now has a nearly 3 year old daughter who dotes on him, they're joined at the hip, like the love for each other just oozes out of them. They dont do the big stuff, they can't afford it, but they have the best times.

The slightly bigger stuff though, as each son grew, I made sure I took them to see their respective football teams....Forest for my youngest (can't remember against who) , Villa vs Fenerbache for the elder.

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Christ! We're do I start?

Some epic things like MCR/Blackpool both when they were 11, camping weekends with big camp fires, taking them to Llandegla/Cwmcarn/Clayton Vale with their mates, extreme Landrover competition events which both boys love to do....

Then there is the other stuff, homework, their hobbies, nurturing them to be confident adults by getting them to phone or ask questions in shops/restaurants/train stations etc

Life skills like swimming, basic DIY, finances and negotiation, etc. If one of them fell in a river I think I would be reasonably happy stood on the banking telling them to stop messing about and swim to the side.

I'm hugely proud of my kids and I think they are well set for life. I've done enough (could have done more I'm sure) but in the next few years it will be over to them to pick up the ball and run with it.....


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Without a shadow of a doubt the best thing I did with Gti Junior was to sit with him on my lap and read a book every evening. The consequence was that he could read at a very early age, amazing his infant school teachers by reading out car numbers on the walk to the park. By the age of six he was avidly devouring entire series of children's books like Lemony Snicket and this has given him excellent language skills, which are standing him in good stead as a student.

Apart from that his early life was much like that of the children of @I like Skol , Land Rover trips, walking, lots of swimming, camping, cycling, encouraging self-confidence and an open approachable character. He met lots of my export customers so isn't afraid of approaching strangers even if they come from a very different world to his own.

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With the my boys it was rugby - took them to Sunday morning rugby when they were 5 and 3. They grew up loving the game and being immersed in the games values. When they were in their teenage years they both helped me coach the younger lads, learning more life skills. Now they are both at University and still playing and captain their respective teams.
With my daughter it was developing her talents and making sure she did not grow up in the shadow of her older brothers. It turns out she is a natural gymnast but she had a career ending injury a couple of years ago so again is now a coach and loving it.
Injuries are definitely a common theme ... spent many happy hours in A&E with all three , sport can be very bad for your health !
I told them that not all kids make it to adulthood, some get eaten when times are tough.



Both our two are doing very well at school and I'd put some of that down to me and my wife reading them bedtime stories as well.

We haven't got a massive amount of money to chuck about but the both get all the time and attention they need and we always make time for a good chat.

They like helping out with the house / garden DIY etc so we have a good time and learn something usefull to boot!.
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