This Driver Was So Very Lucky!

I heard snippets about this when I arrived at work

Whilst obviously not good for the driver, the time it happened was a bonus - even if it did hamper attending 999 services & recovery, as that road the truck is partially on, is heavily used by families for walks during this 'Covid time', as is the 'towpath' at the opposite side of the (Aire & Calder Navigation) Canal
I rode down the 'opposite' side on Sunday dinnertime myself!!!

It's about a mile & 1/2 from me, in a straight line

The drop is about 30 foot there, & the Canal is circa 8 -9feet deep!!

It happened between jcts 31 & 30, with the truck travelling westbound

Access isn't the best either for the emergency services, or recovery, down Foxholes Lane, & over the bridge by the site of the (stopped) Kings Road Lock.

Some careful manoeuvring, by 'Trumpton' & recovery agents. would have to have taken place to avoid getting in the Canal themselves


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How on Earth do people manage to crash on a dead straight stretch of road?
Apart from sudden mechanical failure, somebody driving using a phone, watching DVDs, doing a crossword, falling asleep, having a heart attack** or stroke, distracted by a bee/wasp getting inside their clothing*** and so on...?

** A schoolfriend and his mum were being driven to the shops by her brother when he went quiet in the middle of a conversation. He had suffered sudden cardiac death. She managed to turn the engine off and use the handbrake to stop the vehicle.

*** My sister was driving her husband with her window down. A wasp flew in and went down her cleavage! She freaked out completely when it started stinging her. Fortunately, he managed to stop the car.


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I would hazard a guess it involves setting cruise control then nodding off, that’s scary as I’ve ridden on that tow path lots of times,
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