This is not going well


Jean just got a phone call from the bank: 'Did you buy £1400 of stuff from Dabs today?' A not very happy wife came charging into the room asking what I'd bought - Not me chief!

Monday I trashed a tyre in a pot hole - replacement still not arrived yet so I've been commuting in the car (eugh!)

Banker card is now useless until new ones arrive, probably Monday.

I was going to order my new PC tomorrow and that's gone on hold because no bank card. Oh, and Jean wants to wait for confirmation that the £1400 hasn't come out of the bank, so add another week.

On Saturday we're taking our 18 year old cat is going to the vet . . .

There's a bit of brightness in there somewhere but I'll be buggered if I can see it just at this moment :biggrin:


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and it would be ok on any other day </the police>

hope the cat is ok.


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I was planning on purchasing a new TV through DABS in a couple of days, do they have 'problems' with this kind of thing like an un-named online cycle shop??

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Sorry to hear your woe, frog. I think it's the time of year...on top of the Christmas bills (nasty) we've just had a large unexpected Tax Bill, vandalised new car and several other unforseen pissers since the year started...

It had better get better...or we're going down...
Well, the bank checked with you about the money, so you won't lose out there. A trashed wheel means a rest for a day or two and then shopping for new bike bits!:biggrin:
PC on hold? Well no viruses for you Mr Froggy! For a few days anyway. ;)
The cat.....ah. Can't do the ray of sunshine thing there I'm afraid. Ours is n-n-n-n-nineteen and has dicky kidneys. So far so good but I dread the day when it isn't. I hope all is well for him/her and if not, well 18 is a good age and I'm sure it had a good life.
I hope the rest of the week improves.


Some days are just real downers arnt they,i hope things improve,and im sure they will for you.

Fab Foodie

hanging-on in quiet desperation ...
Crackle said:
What did that wing mirror cost you FF?

Well, looks like it'll end-up around £250 ish :biggrin:
Keith Oates said:
Not a very pleasant week so far Frog, but as Chuffy has pointed out, with the exception of the cat's health, the others are not really so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact, that's a good old age for a cat. None of mine ever made it to such a venerable age. Fingers crossed he gets a bit more venerable.
Fab Foodie said:
I could save £170 with the use of a little superglue...but Mrs FF says it's wrong to do so on a Brand new car :sad::sad:

She's quite right, it's got to be out of Warranty and a couple of MOT's down the line before you employ superglue and your own toolkits.
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