This made me smile on my way home today


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On my usual route home today, I came across a (I think this is right) "Community Speed Check Area". As I cycled towards the guys doing the test, I noticed the gun being pointed at me :angry: I couldn't help but laugh as he said 15mph :biggrin: ..... Damn - should have put a spurt on! :biggrin:


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lol now that made my day


I'd been riding this gentle decline for a few weeks and noticed that one of those 'Slow Down' sensors flash - the type that doesn't fine you but acts as a reminder that it's a 30mph zone.

I put this down to the cars behind me.

Then it flashed on several occasions when there were no cars behind me so I thought it must be me. Still didn't truly believe.

Wasn't until I installed my bike computer that I realised that I was hitting 34/35 mph on that stretch. Me proud meself.
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