this morning i was mostly...


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messing around on an old steel MTB (bloody hell it's heavy) because my road bike is out of action after yesterday :smile:. what a laugh though, off roading is surprisingly fun!! Although the greater part of my 40-50 mile ride was done on the roads as I don't know many off road tracks unfortunately. I have a new found respect for people that do long distances on heavy MTB's (on FNRttC's for example), I'm fairly fit and it was hard work at times climbing in the peaks with the biggest tyres I've seen this side of a tractor convention!! Still kept up with my usual road riding group on the 4 mile or so climb out of Sheffield, though I was working harder than they were. what have you been up to today? (pics below). oh and GNAARLLLLl :biggrin:




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Lovely Devon
OOH lush views.

This morning i've been mostly awake since 04:50 and working since 07:00. mmm nice

and don't finish till 19:00!
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