Thorn Rohloff EXP

A friend of mine has had his Thorn Rohloff EXP colours: black and cream was stolen on the night of (Thurs 27 May/ Friday 28 May) from the Queen Elizabeth Caravan site in Stonehaven.

It was stolen between the hours of midinight and 5.30 am, so technically it was Friday morning.

If anyone hears of it being offered for sale, or spots it anywhere, or comes across any other information that might help to trace it, please let me know.


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A picture is always very helpful


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So sorry to hear this.

The S/N of the Rohloff may be handy when it comes to searching eBay / Gumtree / etc.

Hopefully the thief is too stupid to work out how to swap out the components, so attempts to sell it whole.


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Thanks for the response.
I have passed a full bike description, photo, frame number and hub number to the police in Stonehaven.

If you suspect an advert please contact me with details and I will check it out.
The bike is fairly distinctive and rare.

I have been advised to keep the frame/hub numbers out of the public domain.
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