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Those little STI thingies on the downtube?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by bobbyp, 24 Sep 2007.

  1. bobbyp

    bobbyp Senior Member

    I have no idea what they're called but I need a pair of those things that tick on lever bosses when you're using STI levers. I'm trying to rebuild a dura ace bike but I've mislaid the little blighters.

    Anybody know where I can source them or will I need new levers?
  2. PapaZita

    PapaZita Über Member

    They're known as downtube cable stops, or something like that. They come up fairly often on eBay. A search for 'dura ace stops' finds a couple of sets at the moment. They should only cost a few pounds.

  3. TimO

    TimO Veteran

  4. OP

    bobbyp Senior Member

    Thanks for that, now I know what they're called I found them on SJS. A bit of a bargain compared with £15 from wiggle.