thought i'd lost a child last night!

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When you go upstairs to tuck your children in bed you dont expect to find one missing! my 6 yr old daughters bed was empty....the spare rooms upstairs were empty and our bed was empty.....i looked in our 9yr old sons room and he was fast asleep on his own,the windows have been open due to the hot weather and although i looked calm on the outside i was starting to panic a bit.........after furter searching we saw a little foot poke out from under our sons bed!!! she had climbed right under his bed and gone to sleep there with her teddy!!!!:smile:


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Ever had a child fall out of bed? We heard a thump one evening and went up to find our son, still asleep on the floor by his bed. He only woke up when I picked him up!


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Globalti said:
Ever had a child fall out of bed? We heard a thump one evening and went up to find our son, still asleep on the floor by his bed. He only woke up when I picked him up!

You'll leave him there next time:biggrin:


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Our youngest used to roam around the bed at night....never got out, but some of the positions you'd find her in...things like 'sitting' on the bed, back on the mattress, legs pointing vertically straight up the wall. I went in once and she was lying 'normally' - under the duvet, head on the pillow. I was so surprised I went off to get a camera...but by the time I got back she'd turned thru' 180 degrees, so that was that.


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Granddaughter (2 year old) is often found asleep in the ball pit in her room, curled up with "manky" (blanket) by the stair gate to her room and even part slumped onto her bed. Kids can sleep anywhere can't they.


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My brother used to sleep in his wardrobe with the doors closed.

He also used to sleepwalk when he needed the toilet, my mum caught him about to pee in the guinea pig cage once, and she once saw him pull down his trousers then sit on the (round, seat height) hoover. He often had to be picked up and very quickly carried to the toilet.


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Long time ago, well before I had my own, I was babysitting a friends brood. Went to check on them and found the eldest, who had ADHD and was prone to escaping, missing. Took me a frantic 10 minutes before I found him between two bath sheets at the back of the airing cupboard


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I was a missing child!
The first night I was in a bed (not a cot), and it the bed had been raised off of the floor by putting a couple of small books in each corner (couldn't have the legs on, or it would have been too high for me to get on to / fall out of).
There was a thunderstorm overnight.
Mother couldn't find me the next morning...was frantic until she noticed two feet sticking out from under the bed that was barely off the floor...


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Several of mine have been children that fall out of bed ... and two of them have managed to fall down the back of the bunkbed and get stuck between it and the wall (and yes it does have railings to stop them falling out...).

The ones that fall out of bed usually carry on sleeping in the same position.


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I had a moment like that on Monday with my 2 year old girl. I was working on the shed, and I asked the missus if she'd seen her - no was the reply.

A hunt round eventually found her back in the house putting Bob the Builder DVD into the machine.



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When our two boys were young, we'd take them out everywhere and consciously or subconsciously counted one....there's two, relax! We used to sometimes take my sister's daughter out though, similar age and size to ours, and after years of counting up to two, once there were two children in our immediate vicinity or visibly safe from where we were, we relaxed, content. Often though, after a while, we'd realise there should be a third but there being two would initially satisfy us as to safety. I used to think that was a bit weird but always used to happen.

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A while back I went up to check on our two girls who share a room. 9 year old there and asleep, 7 year old missing. Went around the house in a rising panic checking everywhere, under all the beds, in the wardrobes, even the airing cupboard, trying to tell myself not to be soft ofcourse she's here. I even checked behind the sofa in the living room, where I'd been all the while she was upstairs. That sick feeling was there even though the top bolt was on the front door so she couldnt have gone out. Then I saw a small foot sticking out from a pile of coats pulled down under the stairs. She had fallen out with her sister and come down with a torch and book to read in peace and fallen asleep under the coats. I carried her, still asleep, back to bed where she slept right through the little bugger, where as I was awake half the night too stessed out to sleep :ohmy:
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