Thought it was more than that...


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Just been totalling up all the miles recorded since I started cycling again in 2015.

It turns out to be a mere 817.28 still a beginner!

229 since I got the Scott, with 213 of those actually on it.

Definitely need to get out more! So, with no further ado, I'm off out on me bike!

Where did the other 16 miles go?


I must admit, I do like to keep track of my total mileage each year but lately it just hasn't happened as fewer and fewer rides go on Strava. Most people I speak to reckon advancement has got less to do with mileage and more to do with effort, so as long as you have made the miles count your doing okay.


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I quite like that quote. But I have to admit that over the years since I started back at cycling, my annual mileage has been dropping which bugs me no end and this years alone is pathetic. Need to get out more.
That depends. Mileage and speed are likely to slowly decline with increasing years unless you go with a pop. If there's stuff you wanted to see or do, then maybe you need to ride more, but generally, put more weight on riding smiles than miles IMO.
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