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Discussion in 'Site Support' started by andyoxon, 24 Jul 2007.

  1. andyoxon

    andyoxon Veteran

    Hi Admin,

    A bit trivial perhaps, but I was wondering if instead of:
    (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 ... Last Page)

    we could have something like:
    (Multi-page thread 1 2 3 ... 7 8. Last Page)

    on the front thread list page, just to give an idea of how many pages there are ...


  2. mosschops2

    mosschops2 New Member

    Nice call andy - I was going to ask this also.
    (you could even loose last page on that basis).

    The reason is, I often want to see the last couple of pages of comments - so often the last page (eg of a 16 page thread) is a series of questions and comments to previous posts. So therefore I have to click on page 16, then go back to 14 and 15.

    Not a big deal, obviously!! Just mentioning it!!
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