Three Men on a Bummel

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by frog, 13 Sep 2007.

  1. frog

    frog Guest

    For anyone who might be interested this Jerome K Jerome story of three men going on a European cycling holiday can be heard on Radio 7. Eposide 1 was on Monday.

    Anyone know how to record Radio 7's output?
  2. Fnaar

    Fnaar Smutmaster General

    I discoverd this purely by accident today...
    I downloaded a free mp3 editor called wavepad and with beeb radio player on, I pressed record, just to see! It worked an absolute treat at work, but tried it again at home, and sound quality is poor for some reason... I'm sure someone will come up with a better answer... :smile:
  3. Arch

    Arch Married to Night Train

    Salford, UK
    Great! Just downloaded it myself.

    Yeah, the Bummel book is hilarious. I will see if I can 'listen again'...
  4. OP

    frog Guest

    Thanks Fnaar!! I'll go and play with that tonight. Sound quality on BBC 7 can vary a great deal. Some of the more recent programmes can be terrible quality while the old 'Round The Horne' stuff is crystal clear. Very strange.

    Sadly, the 'Bummel' is greatly abridged. :smile:
  5. Unkraut

    Unkraut Master of the Inane Comment

    So there's a Radio 7 now, is there?

    Three Men on a Bummel is about the best book for gentle mickey-taking regarding the Germans ever written. An awful lot of it is very nearly literal truth, even in the modern, new improved Germany.
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