three weeks in hotel gym. Training tips appreciated.

Discussion in 'Training, Fitness and Health' started by andyfromotley, 24 Apr 2008.

  1. andyfromotley

    andyfromotley New Member

    Otley, west yorks
    Hi guys, am away next three weeks (mon - fri) in a hotel with swanky gym/pool.

    I currently cycle to work mon/wed/fri = 90 miles

    i run/jog tues/thurs/sat = 15 miles

    any suggestions of what i could do to replace current exercise. Gym seems to have lots of exercise machines. Dont mind swimming but get bored if have to do more than 20 - 30 minutes.

    help gratefully taken

    thanks andy
  2. Have three weeks off. Spend it in the hotel bar instead.:biggrin:

    ... no, just kidding. Take your bike, as MP says. It'll be useful for exploring the area, apart from any fitness gains.
    Have a pint in the Junction for me, by the way. Otley is my home town.
  3. OP

    andyfromotley New Member

    Otley, west yorks
    RT will be doing that very thing tonight!! what do you fancy?
  4. Tim Bennet.

    Tim Bennet. Entirely Average Member

    S of Kendal
    If taking the bike is not an option, then at least preserving your fitness is easy enough in a gym.

    Boredom is the real enemy and this seems to make people do such short sessions on any one machine that it's inconceivable that they can be getting any aerobic benefit.

    But 15 mins stints on the rowing machine / running machine / and stationary bike are quite tolerable and if you do them back to back, you should get a reasonable aerobic session (45mins @ level 2-3).

    If you have time to extend it with a swim, then so much the better, but I would be cautious about using weights or weight machines. It's hard to imagine a one off, three week stint at this time of year, would give enough benefit to warrant the risk. Best left to the early winter.
  5. Taylor's Landlord please.:angry: Can't get a good pint down here for love nor money.
  6. dan_bo

    dan_bo How much does it cost to Oldham?

    I usually just take me trainers and go for a run every other night. Gym bores me senseless.
  7. Dayvo

    Dayvo Just passin' through

    Jim bores you senseless! :ohmy:

    Take a skipping rope and have a go at this:


    2 x 5 mins daily and if that doesn't improve your fitness/shape, nothing will. :biggrin:
  8. dan_bo

    dan_bo How much does it cost to Oldham?

    Blimey i'd spend three weeks in the hotel gym if she was in there!:rolleyes:
  9. jay clock

    jay clock Massive member

    Hampshire UK
    Agreed with him above. Go for a run every other day. should throw up some routes. If not, just print out a map and head off. If you have a car you can drive a couple of miles to somewhere nice.

    On the other days I would do 30 mins on the bike. I would swim too, but if the pool is under 17.5 m it is really too short to get going, and hotel pools are rarely over 15m.
  10. jimboalee

    jimboalee New Member

    If you're going to get free use of a gym's machines, build up gradually and then try to overload them on the last day. :biggrin:
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