Thule Tow-Bar Mounted Cycle carrier (3 bike version)


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Photos are attached below as I couldn't seem to add them to this post.

As per the title............this is my little used Thule tow-bar mounted cycle carrier.
It doesn't seem to have any model name/number but the description is as follows.............
It simply sits on the towbar and the front section/lever is pushed down to secure it. There is an integral lock (c/w key) which prevents anyone removing it.
I used it perhaps 6 or 7 times before selling the car with tow-bar.
IMO the very latest version is nowhere near as good or solid as this seems they have made the new ones "down to a price".
The new ones retail at £90.00 or there-abouts.
I will let this one go for £45.00............
It would have to be collected** or I can meet withing a reasonable distance.
**I suppose it could be posted but would be awkward to parcel up and I guess postage would be £10-12 ???
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PM sent requesting pics

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