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I have just removed my non drive side crank, to make sure the Park Tools crank Puller and the ISIS removal tool I have just bought were the right ones and did not break like the last one I tried. Crank came off no problem.

Is there a proper way of putting the crank back on, do I use the crank puller somehow, or just screw the crank bolt back in as tight as , hence pushing the crank onto the spindle.

Advice would be appreciated as I would like peace of mind that it is on correct

Cheers Guys

Tim Bennet.

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Just put the crank arm back on in the correct position relative to the other arm.

Push it on to make sure that the nine lugs have located the nine holes.

Start the bolt by hand to make sure it's not cross threaded.

Keep on tightening it so it pulls the arm onto the bottom bracket completely.

If you only have an Allen key with a four inch arm, do it up till your eyes pop. If using a 2ft 'breaker bar', don't tear the arse out of it. (The exact torque settings that these descriptions represent will be in the instructions).
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