Time to enter a Cyclosportive


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Are you a communter cyclist that hasn't yet entered a cyclosportive event ?

if you are thinking of entering a cyclosportive but want to try a short cyclosportive first. Then have a look these cyclosportives as they have shorter versions of there main ride, which might be just what you need to start riding cyclosportives for fun and fitness.

Both events are raising funds for the Sussex Heart Foundation.

1066 cyclosportive on 4th July

Burgess Hill Rumble on the 29th August


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I ride five days a week and that'll do me.


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Indeed so, but it's promoting a charity ride.
It's not just aimed at commuting cyclists, presumably :biggrin:

We also take a dim view of someone who posts 3 times to plug the same rides, TBH.
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