Time to replace the big ring?

Loch side.
Well, where is it slipping and how is it slipping? If it slips at the back, the chainring has nothing to do with it?

When I say how, I mean, please distinguish between skipping between sprockets and, skating over the top of the sprocket without engaging - typically when under pressure.

That chainring looks OK but we need to see the entire ring since they don't wear equally all around. It may be worse than the photo suggests.


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Might just be the light in the photo but the teeth at one to two o'clock look like peaks - however rest of chainring looks fine so probably just an optical illusion. As @Yellow Saddle says more than likely just need gears adjusting.
I had to change a chainring last year on a bike that I had, but reckoned it had somewhere around 12000 to 15000 miles plus (not my miles - previously owner commuted 6000 mile a year on it) miles on it and just bought a cheap chainring off ebay for a tenner that was brand new.

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Glad you've sorted it but it is looking a bit worn (IMO)
Plan on replacing it sooner rather than later.
I'd only replace a chainring if it was causing problems. Unlike steel sprockets the alloy ring won't damage the chain.


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You can always advance the chain ring so that different teeth take the strain under power. Move it forward one or two bolts holes.
Brilliant! I always tend to set off with my right foot applying most power from stationary. I'll check to see if the teeth in that sector are more worn than the rest.
Thank you.
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