Tips for Cyclists

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Cycling in Scotland
Auld Reekie


very cool, can you imagine the rage you'd get if you took that out and about in London

Andy 71

New Member
We have them in a sense. They're called Cycle Rickshaws and the cabbies HATE them.

They claim the rickshaws are dangerous. Probably on account of all those psychotic cabbies around.

These are the same cabbies who don't pay congestion charge, then think they somehow own the roads and spend most their waking hours effing and blinding about those effin cyclists who don't pay any road tax , ride dangerously and break the law. Not like those liberal, well-educated and well-travelled paragons of virtue and courtesy we call cabbies, of course!

Basically, they're narked that the rickshaws are taking 'their' fares.

I have a simple philosophy - I have as much right to be on the road as you. If you don't like it, f*** off.

My presence on the road might be a problem for someone - but I'll give you a clue pal - it 'aint me!!

Tell it to someone who gives a damn.
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