To Westons Cider: credit where credit is due - one of your drivers..

betty swollocks

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email sent as follows:-

Dear Sirs,
One of your lorry drivers showed exemplary patience and professionalism towards me this morning.
The circumstances are these:- I was cycling along the A4 eastwards from Newbury towards Thatcham this morning at 0935. There is a half mile section before the Hambridge Road lights where the carriageway is narrowed by four successive pedestrian islands, which is very dangerous and where I have to occupy the primary position (ie the middle of the road) to prevent dangerous overtakes. Your driver was behind me at this section and hung well back (ie not intimidatingly close) and did not rev his engine and only overtook when it was completely safe to do so and when he did, left plenty of room.
I gave him the thumbs-up. I hope he noticed.
It really makes a difference when drivers of large vehicles show this level of skill and I know I speak for other cyclists when I say this.
I think he was making a delivery to Thatcham Garden Centre, so I hope you will be able to identify the individual concerned and pass on my thanks
I have no objection to this message being pinned to your drivers' noticeboard, if you have such a thing.
Yours faithfully
...It really makes a difference when drivers of large vehicles show this level of skill and I know I speak for other cyclists when I say this...


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I contacted Iceland about one of their van drivers, who was excellent. They were well chuffed and were trying to find out his identity, presumably to pat him on the back.
betty swollocks

betty swollocks

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Their reply, c&p'd:-

Thank you very much for your complimentary comments, it is always good to get positive feedback rather than negative.

I will pass a copy of your e-mail to the driver.

Kind Regards,



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It's good to give positive feedback and can be appreciated by companies; the one I contact in Edinburgh was really pleased as they spent a lot on their driver training program (and it really does show if you've ever encountered the fleets of ADM Milling artics daily on Ferry Road in Leith). To get public feedback that the investment was paying off was seen as very valuable to them.

Likewise, Lothian Buses drivers are exemplary around cyclists too - helps that their MD is a serious cyclist, and you may have seen the great little "Where's the Bike?" driver training video on YouTube recently. Again, it shows when you encounter Lothian Buses on the road or when you're on a bus and can see how the drive around cyclists.


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