ToB stage 2

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Cav did say that he did not expect to hold onto it and was pleasantly surprised to see him hold it after the first stage. Stage 2 was a bit of a monster and he might just not have had the legs and T Mobile were aware and didn't want to kill him. Hes still a young rider and pushing too much could damage him for the future.

Bit gutted that wont see him ride into Wolves in Yellow but its ideal for a bunch sprint he may well nick another stage heres hoping.

Tim Bennet.

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I think Cavindish's big ambition is to get one more stage win this season in order to equal (better?) the record for a sprinter in his debut season.

Winning the TOB overall is probably seen as being highly unlikely, so they didn't kill him trying to defend yesterday. That should leave something in his legs to try and get (what for him) is the more important stage win number eleven.

Disappointing, as this has coincided with his home tour, but if he gets the next win, he will be the record holder and that will have more caché that 'nearly winning the TOB'.
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