Today I am mostly....

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failing to achieve what needs to be done.

I have three asignments for Uni to be handed in on Wed. I've been working on them since they were set last Wed. By last night, I'd mananged to totally confuse myself over what's what. At the moment I've completed about a third of the work.

I should also be preparing a presentaion for the morning - but as it' doesn't count towards the course marks it's at the bottom of my list of priorities.

And in the last week, I've biked 11 miles - that was for a break yesterday afternoon. In the last week before Uni started I rode 230.

I really am sinking under the workload.

Should I feel guilty if I don't get this presentation done? Or do convince myself that all I can do is try my best?

Michael - with a constant headache and a knot in my stomach from worry that I'm not up to this!


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De-stress with another bike ride.
Then you'll have a clearer head to prioritise your work load.
Of course the least important work is done last...but if you do get it done then it's a bonus.


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Get a good excuse like:
My printer ran out of ink, i couldnt get another cartidge
I ran out of toilet paper and had to use the essay.
I printed it out, but left without it
I printed it out, but i couldnt find it this morning
Well what happened was i printed it off, but a friends dog came round and i think it ran off with it.
I'm not going to lie to you, i forgot to put it in my bag.
Or my best one is... I couldnt be arsed to do it, i'll hand it to you when i'm done.

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