Today it's been stinking

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Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
hot here, don't now the temps but just standing outside of the house made me wet with sweat. Now (2100 hours) the celestial fireworks have started combined with the thunder so I guess a downpour is on the way. Glad the TdF is on as I'm in a nice airconditioned bedroom following the action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Two weeks in England with not too good weather (apart from the TdeF weekend). Two days in Spain, low 30s and lovely.
Back to Sweden and it's 25 and sunny, and the forecast is much the same for the next week. Summer has arrived here! :laugh: :eek: :blush:
Warm and humid here, bit cloudy at times but feels very hot when the sun comes out. Been out for a gentle ride (don`t do the `hard`stuff anymore) and got back a lot sweatier than normal. Not much wind (for a change) though it seems to be getting a bit stronger now, still very pleasent though.


Frogs are people too.
Lovely day here. 23C, light wind and sunny. just back from a 30m loop :blush:

Unfortunately it's not going to last :eek:


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From a blazing 31C yesterday, it's barely reached 15C today.
I think Mrs Poacher overdid the sunbathing; she's very achy and shivering, and has been throwing up.
So much for my meticulously planned and executed main meal - it'll have to go in the fridge uncooked and completed tomorrow, insh'Allah.


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Sorry, yesterday we had a 16 year old resurrection.
That's older than some of the regular posters on here.

That makes me sad in several ways.
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