In March I pulled a muscle in my groin. It's taken a long time to really heal up and even now it's not 100% even after some physio on it. Over recent weeks I've done some smaller rides and get the mojo back.

Today I rode the 9 miles to and from work, which is a real morale boost. I'm no pro as it is so to not be able to ride regardless of the distance was disappointing. It's a far cry from last year's 50+ charity rides which was my first "serious" year but I'll do what I did for those trips and build up to it.

In my downtime I've been studying my technique which was previously "grape-treading" and is slowly going more towards "mud-wiping",so that's a plus and definitely helped me out.

One thing I have noticed is the physical effects of the exercise which in a short space of time have had a positive influence.

Today was real progress and I'm chuffed to not only have a) done it, b) broken the fear barrier, and c) thanks to roadworks in town and an accident, I got home faster on a bike than I would have in a car despite being slower and less traffic from half-term.
hope you get fully better soon.
well done getting back on the bike and doing the commute.
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