today's ride


Yesterday I went on a long (for me) ride through the City. it was odd, as if there had been a coup-the roads in London were empty. Today i had a more typical commuter experience. Muswell Hill to Finchley.

My Bike behaved flawlessly. The new (to me) kit works as it should and is a fast improvement on the bearing less bottom bracket. There are two final steps, the welding to hang the Campy rear derailleur and a better set of handlebars to accommodate the period white tape. The Weinman brakes polished up well and the NoS brake hoods are great.

have a great day



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North Yorkshire
The bars need swivelling up a little, the brake levers may also need to be moved back a little?
Apart from that it looks fabulous.


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Accra, Ghana
Yes @Spiderweb is right, put a straight edge or ruler on the straight under part of the drops and bring the levers up so that the end just touches it. As it is you’ll find riding ‘on the hoods’ will be difficult. You might like to turn the bars up a wee bit too as suggested.
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