Tommasini, very happy with this one.

Finally after a lot of searching I have picked up a Tommasini Super Prestige. Advertised on a Dutch site with the proceeds going to charity I bid the opening amount and unbelievably had it accepted^_^ The bid was low enough that when I picked it up I threw some “luck money” into the pot for the charity.

Irio Tommasini is an old school Italian Framebuildet who learnt his craft from G Pela. Pela built frames for pretty much all the big mane risers in the 1960s and early 70s. Tommasini bikes have a reputation for being loverly to ride and having eye catching paint jobs. Buyer bias means I think it is probably the best handling bile I own^_^. As for the paint, it is the least flamboyant design I have seen, but very very nice.

Enough of me whittering here are some pics


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Lovely - Needs some period kit fitting. (stem) - Loved those paint jobs when I was speccing my Frank Herety SLX. Close call, Tommasini, Colnago, or Custom Columbus SLX - went custom UK build as was fitting Shimano.


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Nice :becool:


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By popular demand, period stem and new bartape:okay:
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View attachment 491414

It took a while to find the right stem, but I finally picked one up at Eroica in Gaiole. Bought the matching jersey there as well, so u can go full MAMIOW @booze and cake , I was due to meet Irio Tommasini in person but unfortunately he was ill. Looks like I will have to go back next year.:tongue:
And unless my eyes deceive me, new black hoods sophistiqué :notworthy:
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