Tomorrow's our 25th wedding anniversary...

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... and we'll be celebrating by cycling along the Manifold Valley in the sunshine! Stopping overnight in a lovely B&B at moment with no mobile signal, but with broadband :biggrin::biggrin:. There may be lots of hills when we go off the beaten track, there will certainly be a pile of miles covered and a stops a-plenty for refreshments. So, if you see a couple of middle-aged cyclists on mountain bikes in the area (Trek for me/ Giant for Mrs Beanz), give us a wave... or even a cheery 'keep going - you can do it'!


Mr Phoebus

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Congratulations on your silver anniversary. :biggrin:


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25 years is along time..congratulations.:biggrin:

I am only 21 years into my sentence...I have been good as well but so far no parole;):biggrin:.
I'll add my congrats to. :biggrin:


Congratulations Beanz. Have a good day.

I'm 12 years off the 25 year mark as we were a bit late in getting married. However have been going with wife (so to speak) for 27 years six months so I can sympathise!:biggrin::biggrin:
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