Tomorrow's Wind!!!!!


Flouncing Nobber
Wind is character building.


Cake or ice cream? The choice is endless ...
Not riding in no wind tomorrow...
Luckily, (😁) in had 18 to 20mph headwinds on this morning's ride :laugh:


Eat, sleep, ride, repeat.
No wind is the WORST. You never get a helping hand - head out on a circular route when it's 10mph and you'll get a load of your ride with a tail wind (there's no such thing as a tail wind :okay: ), head out when it's 0mph ish and it'll feel like a headwind the whole way round.
I’m going to attempt February’s imperial ton tomorrow. The weather looks like it’s going to be fun for the rest of the month, so it’s now or never.


As long as I breathe, I attack.
Sunday and Monday are supposed to be the worst winds. 45/50 mph. Luckily (?!) I'm decorating the lounge.
If I leave the windows open, will it dry the paint faster :laugh:
Sunday is my club ride day too,missed last week as well as it was cold and wet and with my circulation that's a no-no and now blow you over winds 😵
Wind? Stop being a wuss, I only worry when it's my wife's southerly. :eek:

Gusts over 60mph I won't ride unless I HAVE to, i.e. getting home from work.
There’s a feeling that Mother Nature is blowing a snot rocket, in preparation for a really really bad cough today. I didn’t manage the ton today, as there was sheet ice all over the roads early doors, and I’m in Manchester over the weekend, so I’ve squeezed in a 60 miler instead, and the wind hasn’t been too bad at all down here on the South Coast.
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