Tomorrow's Wind!!!!!


Windy is an understatement here. Oban seems to be mostly cut off. Railway line washed away somewhere south of Crianlarich with it appears an inadequate bus replacement. Service bus travel seems in doubt and car drivers are turning back as one said “ too feart “. I certainly would not take a high sided vehicle over the Rest and be Thankful as a tour bus got blown off the road at Loch Restil last year. This is a noted danger spot and a cyclist would certainly not survive there in a high wind. Ferries of course are off and I got a blizzard of text messages from Calmac this morning.
This is forecast to last for several days. Weather patterns are definitely changing.


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Hmm, a crow just flew backwards past my window. It was headed south, going north.


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Ribble is only 500mm short of Storm Desmond level at Ribchester bridge and still rising.

The rain has stopped but there's a hell of a lot of water yet to come down from The Dales.


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cat went out , turned around and came back in asap after nearly falling off the fence


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Not overhyped here, being raining hard all day, wind was actually blowing the rainwater uphill coming out of Leeds, with flooded bits of Geldard Road being used by kayakers :eek:
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