Tool Kit


God Almighty
Looking to buy a tool kit to strip and build road bikes.... cheap and cheerful is the order of the day.
I have all the allen keys and spanners if that is what tool kits are mostly made up of anyway - it could be cheaper to buy the individual tools.

Any suggestions?
I found the 'Ice Toolz Essence' toolkit a very good value starter set, with good quality bits for the money.
It contained the majority of required bits for a good price, which quickly got me started, but when bits wear out I will replace them individually with better quality items.

Bottom Bracket tools, crank extractors, chain tool, cassette tool would have cost more individually than the entire kit did.

I did need to get a couple of other bits which weren't included, such as a cable cutter, but as a starting point I think it is pretty good and certainly saved me some pennies.
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