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S of Kendal
Instead of nylon swimming trunks you can get proper liner shorts (Gore, Endura) in soft polypropylene which dry just as quickly but have flat seams away from sensitive parts, etc. Two pairs don't weight anything and washing and rotating them each evening is no hassle.


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Perhaps a less specific tip...
When starting on a long tour, you will usually have a moment of panic thinking "It's all too far!"
By day three, you won't care.
Always try and give yourself extra days to do a tour, rather than plan out every day as a 200km eyeballs-out job. You'll find a place that you really like, with a superb pint or a friendly waitress, and ...
The trip's the thing, not the time you do it in. It's meant to be fun.
1. Don't over do it - allow time to explore, get distracted or chat.

2. (Very Hitch hiker's Guide, but....) A towel, one of the packing ones. Roll your damp washing in it and kneel / stand on it. Dries clothing quicker than wringing and helps to improve the chances of it drying overnight.


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Get a friend to follow you in a camper van, carrying all your gear and with a bike rack in case you get tired before you've reached the hotel, or in case it starts raining.


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I am going to use a rubber band to wrap around my the idea when my front light bounced off and exploded on Brentwood high street of all places!!

Rubber bands also make good hair bands for those like me in need of poney tail advice :?: .


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I had the Mrs pinch some of those blue plastic (hairnet style) overshoes from the local gym/pool. I cant get them over my spd shoes (size 13) but they do fit over my feet so i can wear them inside the shoe....this is good because the spd shoes leak when tredding in puddles....


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1. Buy those small shampoos and shower gels from the body-shop, they are the perfect size for touring and are pretty durable. Keep the excellent little bottles they come with and re-fill them. also for washing up liquid etc.

2. Re-torque and threadlock every bolt on the bike unless you can think of a good reason not too.

3. Cable ties. These are just so damn useful for in the field repairs and are incredibly strong!

4. Never rely 100% on anything electric e.g. GPS, mobile phone, bank or credit card. If you go somewhere unfamiliar bring a map and have the skill to use it. Have a float of good, old-fashoined cash.


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Any time you stay in a hotel, take a few of the small bottles of shampoo (especially if you've part used one). Endlessly refillable.
To clean socks - put them on like mittens and scrub together with soap or shampoo.
Don't plan too much.


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to stop the rain buggering up my computer i covered it in cling film sealed with a hairband (elastic band would work well to)

Postmen are good people to get directions from
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